Horse Leases & Sales

SES offers both leases and sales of all lesson horses.

girl hugging leased horse's neck while on his back with instructor holding horse's head; Silver Eagle Stable offers half leases, full leases, and/or sale of their lesson horses.

Silver Eagle Stable offers half leases, full leases, and/or sale of their lesson horses. Read on to find out more about both options and meet the lesson horses at the bottom of the page.

Horse Lease Options

Not ready to own a horse but would like to have access to one beyond lessons? SES has 2 options of horse leasing available.

young boy wearing unicorn horn standing by palomino paint horse while she grazes in the grass

Half Lease of a horse

This lease option* enables the lessee the use of the horse part of the time but still allows SES to continue using the horse in the lesson program.

*Half-Lease $350 per month

Full Lease of a horse

A full lease* permits exclusive use of the horse by the lessee and includes the cost of regular vet and farrier. 

*Full lease $600 per month

In both options, SES continues to care for the horse in a normal fashion. Any special requests must be approved by management and will be the lessee’s responsibility financially. Lessee will schedule date and times to use their horse with management.

*Must take continuing lessons while leasing a SES horse.

*Leased horses must remain boarded on property of Silver Eagle Stable.

Certain restrictions apply.

All SES horses are for sale.

Contact us to find out if we have a horse to fit your needs for purchase or lease. You can look at our herd list below to see if any may fit your needs and wants.

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girl sitting on leased bay paint QuarterHorse by spring flowering trees

We accept cash, check, & credit card.

We impose a surcharge of 3.0% on the transaction amount when paying with a credit card, which is not greater than our cost of acceptance. We do not surcharge debit cards.

Meet the herd!

youth riding spotted pony in arena
23 yo Spotted Chestnut POA Gelding


Every barn needs a steady pony to teach kids the ropes, and Apache is our guy! As with most ponies, Apache can have a mind of his own, but deep down he is a sweet guy with a heart of gold. He’s up for anything and has taken many kids for their first ride.

white horse
20 yo fleabitten Arabian cross Mare


If Blanche was a person, she would have auditioned for the show Golden Girls. Blanche is a gorgeous grey Arabian, who catches everyone’s eye in the show ring. She carries her riders the same way she carries herself, with confidence! Blanche rides English and is an all-around horse that our advanced riders love.

bay tb gelding
9 yo Bay TB Gelding

***Sold*** Brock

Brock came to us after a very lucrative racing career and seems quite content to finally slow down and relax. He is a sweet boy with a lot of patience which makes him a great mount for our beginner riders and scouts. However, when asked, Brock can definitely turn on the charm and wow everyone with his big lofty gaits! Who can resist that adorable face!

girl on appaloosa mare
18 yo bay spotted varnish roan Appaloosa mare


Cici (“C C” stands for Cookies and Cream!) is a tough little mare with tons of talent. She is a great western mount and neck reins like a champ, but throw an English saddle on and she’ll happily bomb around a jump course or a dressage test. Out in the field she is the indisputable “boss mare,” and takes care of her rider just as well as she does her herd.

dk bay tb
6 yo Dark Bay TB Gelding

***Sold*** Darwin

Darwin is sweet and simple. This OTTB loves people and is curious about everything. At 17+ hands his is a gentle giant and has become one of the lesson program favorites. He is an all arounder and up for anything as long as you don’t make it too complicated. He rides western and English and loves a good trail ride or mounted game. Peppermints are his favorite treat!

palomino paint mare
20 yo palomino Paint Mare


Dixie has been there and done that. She knows her job and does it well. She may be slowing down in her old age, but she’s still ready to truck around beginners and help them develop their confidence at the walk and trot. Every once in a while she likes to compete in our in house show series.

white ottb gelding
6 yo grey Thoroughbred Gelding

***Sold*** Dutton

Dutton is one of our newest members, with a lot to offer! Dutton rides English and hunter jumper, great for flatwork and made for advanced beginner. He’s tall and still growing, and just as sweet! Dutton cleans up nice but prefers to roll in the mud in his free time!

buckskin spanish mustang gelding
10 yo buckskin Spanish Mustang Gelding


Donato is a very special guy! Originally named Whiskey, he came from Central Virginia Horse Rescue. We adopted him for our program, and he has begun to make his way in the hearts of his riders! Donato is a good all-around pony and will give the most nervous students their confidence. Donato adores affection from his students and loves a good apple!

sorrel sabino pony mare
12 yo sorrel sabino pony mare


 Gemma is a feisty little red-headed pony and one of the barn favorites! Once she trusts you she is a great partner for trails or small jump courses.  She loves to be brushed and is very gentle with new riders, but for more  experienced kids she can be a very fun ride!

student on bay horse at dressage show
19 yo Dk Bay OTTB Mare

Gabor “Gabby”

 If  Gabby could talk, she would tell you she’s been there, done that! As  one of our most prestigious dressage horses, she competes in low and  mid-level dressage as well as advanced English shows!  Gabby enjoys grooming and horse  cookies from her riders and is especially fond of neck scratches.

black and white paint mare
15 yo Black & White Paint Mare

***SOLD*** MoonPie

MoonPie is not only the cutest but the sweetest. She enjoys rides for the children and loves to canter for the more advanced. You may see her waiting by the gate for a snack or being used in kids camps for arts and crafts! Moonpie is one of a kind and is always looking forward to her next activity!

bay horse looking off to side
4 YO OTTB Gelding


For our advanced English riders, shogun never disappoints to go above and beyond. As an OTTB standing at 16.2 hands, he’s as big as he is tall. Don’t let his size fool you, though, Shogun is a complete in-your-pocket kind of guy! He is great for learning or for shows and loves his carrots at the end of his rides.

dark bay horse standing in field
5 YO OTTB Gelding

Sydney – ***SOLD***

Sydney is one of our youngest additions to the lesson program. At only 5 years old and 16h he is a very stocky baby with the brain of a schoolmaster. He teaches both western and english riders but will also happily stand around and snuggle all day!