Horseback Riding Lessons

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Silver Eagle instructors offer horseback riding lessons to both Adults and Youth in either English or Western Riding. Whether you’re 5 or 95, follow your dreams and join us for riding lessons!

Students may choose to focus on Hunter, Dressage, Eventing, Western Ranch Riding, Competitive Trail, All Breed Showing, or just for pleasure. Our lesson programs are designed to cater to the needs of the casual rider as well as the competitive show rider.

Riding lessons are one (1) hour long which include grooming and tacking up in addition to riding. Horsemanship is just as important as learning to sit the saddle properly!

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All lessons are now booked through Please go here to make a profile and find us – once you purchase your stablecard, you can see available lesson slots to book. Help is here if you need it.

Lesson Pricing

Per Lesson Pricing

Private Group

W/T $75 Per Person      $65 Per Person

W/T/C $85 Per Person $75 Per person


Monthly Packages

W/T $280/Private

W/T $250/Group

W/T/C $320/Private

Premium Lesson Packages – $370


Evaluation lesson – $75 (This is needed in order to ride without an instructor and/or assess a rider’s skill level. All first time students must have an evaluation lesson regardless if private or group lessons are requested.)

Please arrive in a timely manner for your lesson wearing long pants and a heeled boot or shoe.

Cancellation fees apply without adequate notice before your scheduled lesson.

All students in lessons MUST wear a helmet – no exceptions.

All students (Or persons handling a horse) must sign a waiver – also no exceptions.

young student taking care of palomino paint horse's feet while instructor coaches beside them as part of a lesson
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Gift Certificates

Want to make a gift of horse riding lessons? We offer Gift Certificates in whatever amount you wish. 

All Sales Are Final – No Refunds.

Lesson FAQ

Lessons are year round. We have a covered arena for inclement weather.
Both English and Western have the same basics – why not try both?
We have no set requirement. We do recommend at least once a week but will work around your schedule and financials. We can even do more than once a week if that’s your wish.
Paying through allows you to pay and schedule lessons through one convenient app!
We are part of and once you make your profile, favorite our stable, and purchase your stablecard, you can go to to schedule your lesson anytime you wish.
You can request the horse you want but it is never a guarantee.
No, although you will often ride the same horse during lessons. However, every horse has something different to teach.

Meet the herd!

bay peruvian paso fino
11 yo Bay Peruvian Paso Fino Gelding

Andy – Privately Owned

Andy is used for both English and Western Lessons. He enjoys beginners and has given confidence to many riders and is a favorite among the staff. On the ground he is a humble horse, and in the  saddle will go above and beyond for his riders! Andy is flashy in the  dressage arena and his favorite thing to do is jumping.

appaloosa gelding with studen in arena
23 yo Spotted Chestnut POA Gelding


Every barn needs a steady pony to teach kids the ropes, and Apache is our guy! As with most ponies, Apache can have a mind of his own, but deep down he is a sweet guy with a heart of gold. He’s up for anything and has taken many kids for their first ride.

white arabian with student in ring
20 yo Fleabitten Arabian Cross Mare


If Blanche was a person, she would have auditioned for the show Golden Girls. Blanche is a gorgeous grey Arabian, who catches everyone’s eye in the show ring. She carries her riders the same way she carries herself, with confidence! Blanche rides English and is an all-around horse that our advanced riders love.

9 yo Bay TB Gelding


Brock came to us after a very lucrative racing career and seems quite content to finally slow down and relax. He is a sweet boy with a lot of patience which makes him a great mount for our beginner riders and scouts. However, when asked, Brock can definitely turn on the charm and wow everyone with his big lofty gaits! Who can resist that adorable face!

girl on appaloosa mare at dressage show
18 yo bay spotted varnish roan Appaloosa mare


Cici (“C C” stands for Cookies and Cream!) is a tough little mare with tons of talent. She is a great western mount and neck reins like a champ, but, throw on an English saddle and she’ll happily bomb around a jump course or a dressage test. Out in the field, she is the indisputable “boss mare” and takes care of her rider just as well as she does her herd.

girl riding palomino pony mare at a dressage show
27 yo Palomino Pony Cross


 Just as her name implies, Cora is an honest, sweet girl.  She has impeccable ground manners and patience for days.  She loves children and trail rides most of all. Cora can go Western or English and will happily take payment in carrots, apples or peppermints. 

6 yo Dark Bay TB Gelding


Darwin is sweet and simple. This OTTB loves people and is curious about everything. At 17+ hands his is a gentle giant and has become one of the lesson program favorites. He is an all arounder and up for anything as long as you don’t make it too complicated. He rides western and English and loves a good trail ride or mounted game. Peppermints are his favorite treat!

girl riding palomino paint mare at dressage show
20 yo Palomino Paint Mare


Dixie has been there and done that. She knows her job and does it well. She may be slowing down in her old age, but she’s still ready to truck around beginners and help them develop their confidence at the walk and trot. Every once in a while, she likes to compete in our in house show series.

10 yo buckskin Spanish Mustang Gelding


Donato is a very special guy! Originally named Whiskey, he came from Central Virginia Horse Rescue. We adopted him for our program, and he has begun to make his way in the hearts of his riders! Donato is a good all-around pony and will give the most nervous students their confidence. Donato adores affection from his students and loves a good apple!

6 yo grey Thoroughbred Gelding


One of our newest members with a lot to offer! Dutton rides English and hunter jumper, great for flatwork and made for advanced beginner. He’s tall and still growing, and just so sweet! Dutton cleans up nice but prefers to roll in the mud in his free time!

12 yo sorrel sabino pony mare


 Gemma is a feisty little red-headed pony and one of the barn favorites! Once she trusts you, she is a great partner for trails or small jump courses.  She loves to be brushed and is very gentle with new riders, but for more experienced kids she can be a very fun ride!

19 yo Dk Bay OTTB Mare

Gabor “Gabby”

 If  Gabby could talk, she would tell you she’s been there, done that! As one of our most prestigious dressage horses, she competes in low and  mid-level dressage as well as advanced English shows!  Gabby enjoys grooming, horse cookies, and is especially fond of neck scratches.

bay tb mare
16 yo Bay TB mare

Misty – Privately Owned

Misty is one of those mares that is all business. She enjoys having a job and wants to get to it right away. She is a fun and sensitive girl fit for intermediate and advanced English riders. With her smooth gaits and sweet personality, she will charm her way into your heart. Mares will be mares, but this one is as sweet as pie!

27 yo palomino Haflinger mare

Molly Bea – Privately Owned

Steady? Check. Sturdy? Check. Unbelievably adorable? Check!

Molly is a favorite among beginner students, with her fluffy forelock and comfy trot. On cool autumn days she’ll truck you around all day, if you ask nicely! She is patient and kind, and just the right size!

15 yo Black & White Paint Mare


 MoonPie is not only the cutest but the sweetest. She enjoys rides for the children and loves to canter for the more advanced.  You may see her waiting by the gate for a snack or being used in kids camps for arts and crafts! MoonPie is one of a kind and is always looking forward to her next activity!  

bay horse looking off to side
4 YO Bay OTTB Gelding


 For our advanced English riders, shogun never disappoints to go above and  beyond. As an OTTB standing at 16.2 hands, he’s as big as he is tall.  Don’t let his size fool you. though, Shogun is a complete in-your-pocket  kind of guy! He is great for learning or for shows and loves his carrots  at the end of his rides.  

24 yo Bay Warmblood Gelding

Whiskey – Privately Owned

 Whiskey  is our veteran lesson horse. While he may seem to be a Mr. Grumpy, he is a horse that anyone could ride. He is talented in both English and western style riding and has trail and arena work experience. Whiskey enjoys sunny days and his round bale. Loves doing western dressage and all pleasure  disciplines!