Horseback riding Lessons

instructor leading student upon brown horse around arena

Horseback Riding

Youth and Adults Welcome

Horseback Riding

We offer Western and English lessons.

small child leading tacked up white horse across bridge in outdoor arena


Youth and Adults Welcome

Horseback Riding

Ground work is just as important as learning to sit the saddle properly!

instructor with mounted adult student on brown horse

Youth and Adults Welcome

Youth and Adults Welcome

Youth and Adults Welcome

Whether you're 5 or 95, follow your dreams and join us for lessons!


 We are constantly monitoring the COVID19 guidelines and will be making  any necessary changes to events if and when needed.  Please keep an eye open to those events you were planning on attending to see if there are  any updates. 

 Please stay in contact with your instructor regarding lessons.   


POA: “Apache of Summerset”


21 year old liver chestnut blanket Pony of the Americas gelding

Every barn needs a steady pony to teach kids the ropes, and Apache is our guy! As with most ponies, Apache can have a mind of his own, but deep down he is a sweet guy with a heart of gold. He's up for anything and has taken many kids for their first ride

Lirabella B "Belle" 16 year old chestnut Arabian mare


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on a cloud? Riding  Belle is as close as you can get! She has beautiful gaits and a lot of  talent for all sorts of things, especially jumping. 

*** Belle is Fully Leased***

16 year old red dun Quarter Horse Gelding

Charlie Brown "Chuck"

AQHA: Diamonds Last Etta

Chuck is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. His goofy personality combined with his eager attitude makes him a fun ride for advanced riders and beginners alike. A former state barrel racing champion in Maine, he now is content to wander the trails, jump a course, or even play a chukka! 

16 year old bay spotted varnish roan Appaloosa mare



Cici ("C C" stands for Cookies and Cream!) is a tough little mare with tons of talent. She is a great western mount and neck reins like a champ, but throw an English saddle on and she'll happily bomb around a jump course or a dressage test. Out in the field she is the indisputable "boss mare," and takes care of her rider just as well as she does her herd.

25 year old gray Quarab gelding


Cody is mostly blind, having lost one eye to cancer and the majority of his vision in the other to old age. But don't let that fool you; he gets around just fine by listening to your voice and the hoofbeats of other horses. He is enjoying semi-retirement, but loves to work so much that we let him come out and teach beginner riders part-time. He is a very smart horse, and if you ask just right he might show you his special trick!

Cody is privately owned

(APHA: “A Special Caramel”)


 18 year old buckskin overo Paint mare

Dixie has been there and done that. She knows her job and does it well. She may be slowing down in her old age, but she's still ready to truck around beginners and help them develop their confidence at the walk and trot. Every once in a while she likes to compete in our Buckle/Cup series and show those youngsters how it's done!

10 year old sorrel sabino pony mare


 Gemma  is a feisty little red-headed pony and one of the barn favorites! Once  she trusts you she is a great partner for trails or small jump courses.  She loves to be brushed and is very gentle with new riders, but for more  experienced kids she can be a very fun ride!

5 year old black Shetland Pony gelding


Hamilton is the smallest member of our herd, but he makes up for it with huge talent and personality! He can pull a cart, carry a rider, and even dress up as a unicorn for special events! 

At only 10 hands tall, he's the perfect size for kids to learn the ropes and gain confidence in handling horses.

21 year old palomino Haflinger mare

Molly Bea

Steady? Check. Sturdy? Check. Unbelievably adorable? Check!

Molly is a favorite among beginner students, with her fluffy forelock and comfy trot. On cool autumn days she'll truck you around all day, if you ask nicely! She is patient and kind, and just the right size!

Molly is privately owned

22 year old bay tovero pinto gelding


Noodles is a solid equine citizen who is easy to get along with and loves treats! His big blue eyes will win you over every time, if his gentle personality wasn't enough! He is perfectly content to mosey around the arena or the trails, and is a great teacher for beginning and advanced students alike. He's also great at ground-driving!

He is owned by instructor Kristen Koneczy

7 year old bay grade Quarter Horse/Paint gelding


Saint is young, and still kind of getting the hang of this whole "riding" thing, but he is so calm and dependable that almost anyone can ride him! His favorite activities are eating, napping, and being admired for his handsomeness. As with most youngsters he can be stubborn and uncooperative at times, but he's got a heart of gold and not a mean bone in his body.

Saint is owned by instructor Cynthia Kurtz

7 year old Chestnut TB gelding


 Shanghaied retired from racing in 2017 and is now loving his new life as a school horse! He's a jack of all trades and can help teach our riders dressage, jumping, or western riding. He has competed at the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover and Dressage at Devon.

Shanghaied is owned by instructor Cynthia Kurtz

28 year old chestnut Quarter Horse mare


Stella is our beloved matriarch. She may be old, but someone clearly forgot to tell her! She can still walk, trot, and canter, and is a great teacher! She's spunky, but has left her young and crazy days behind her and is as reliable as the day is long; just don't get between her and food. She loves to be brushed, especially her long thick mane!

AQHA: “CS Tracy Seminole” - 8 year old brown Quarter Pony g


Affectionately known as "The Dude," for his abiding nature, Stonewall is as solid as can be. He may be small, but he makes up for his stature with a big personality. He doesn't know very many fancy cues under saddle, but he will walk and trot around the arena all day. His gentle nature makes him an amazing horse for beginners, especially those who need a confidence boost.