Horse Leasing and Sales

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Full Lease

Full Lease


Silver Eagle Stable offers different leasing options to fit your lifestyle.  Lessons with leased horses are discounted.  

Call or email to discuss options!

Full Lease

Full Lease

Full Lease

A full lease permits exclusive use of the horse by the lessee and includes the cost of vet and farrier. 


*Full lease $600 per month

Half Lease

Full Lease

Half Lease

This  program enables the lessee the use of the horse part of the time but  still allows SES to continue using the  horse in the lesson program.


*Half-Lease $350 per month

Horse Sales

All Silver Eagle Horses are for sale.  Contact us for specifics.  

painted pony standing in field
POA: “Apache of Summerset”


21 year old liver chestnut blanket Pony of the Americas gelding

Every barn needs a steady pony to teach kids the ropes, and Apache is our guy! As with most ponies, Apache can have a mind of his own, but deep down he is a sweet guy with a heart of gold. He's up for anything and has taken many kids for their first ride

AHA: Lirabella B "Belle" 16 year old chestnut Arabian mare


 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride on a cloud? Riding  Belle is as close as you can get! She has beautiful gaits and a lot of  talent for all sorts of things, especially jumping. Her intelligence,  willingness, and sweet personality has made Belle a favorite among staff  and advanced students alike! 

appaloosa mare looks at camera in field
16 year old bay spotted varnish roan Appaloosa mare



Cici ("C C" stands for Cookies and Cream!) is a tough little mare with tons of talent. She is a great western mount and neck reins like a champ, but throw an English saddle on and she'll happily bomb around a jump course or a dressage test. Out in the field she is the indisputable "boss mare," and takes care of her rider just as well as she does her herd.

brown horse with broken blaze in field
(AQHA “Cosmic Investment”) - 19 year old chestnut QH

Cosmo ****Sold****

 Retired from his days on the national circuit, Cosmo is a western pleasure machine. He can be a bit of a grumpy old man, but if you win him over with peppermints he will turn on the charm and bring you home lots of ribbons. He is a great teacher, as he makes you really get your cues right!

buckskin overo mare
(APHA: “A Special Caramel”) - 18 year old buckskin overo


Dixie has been there and done that. She knows her job and does it well. She may be slowing down in her old age, but she's still ready to truck around beginners and help them develop their confidence at the walk and trot. Every once in a while she likes to compete in our Buckle/Cup series and show those youngsters how it's done!

brown gelding with white star in field
AQHA: “Bodollys Double Take” - 21 year old chestnut Quarter

Double Take ****Retired****

 The longest serving member of our lesson program was Double Take! He is very independent, but likes to work. For our advanced riders he was a fantastic jumper, and has a dreamy canter! He could also be ridden western, and enjoyed taking up the rear on trail rides.  **** Double Take has been officially retired. ****

sorrel pony with large white blaze in english bridle
10 year old sorrel sabino pony mare


 Gemma  is a feisty little red-headed pony and one of the barn favorites! Once  she trusts you she is a great partner for trails or small jump courses.  She loves to be brushed and is very gentle with new riders, but for more  experienced kids she can be a very fun ride!

Black Shetland Pony in English tack standing in front of red barn
5 year old black Shetland Pony Gelding


Hamilton is the smallest member of our herd, but he makes up for it with huge talent and personality! He can pull a cart, carry a rider, and even dress up as a unicorn for special events!

At only 10 hands tall, he's the perfect size for kids to learn the ropes and gain confidence in handling horses.

chestnut mare with large white blaze standing in stall
13 year old chestnut snowflake Appaloosa/Paint mare

Scarlett ****Sold****

At first glance you can't quite tell she's an Appaloosa, but look close and you can see the little white spots on her chest and her unique facial markings. Scarlett is new to the program, but is already popular with students for her willing attitude and awesome skills in English or western tack. She may be small, but she is mighty, and ready for any adventure you want to take her on!

Chestnut gelding with large white blaze in red barn stall
7 YO Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding


Shanghaied retired from racing in 2017 and is now loving his new life as a school horse! He's a jack of all trades and can help teach our riders dressage, jumping, or western riding. He has competed at the RRP Thoroughbred Makeover and Dressage at Devon.

Shanghaied is owned by instructor Cynthia Kurtz.  

chestnut gelding with white star standing near outdoor arena
9 year old chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse gelding


Snakey is a quiet, lazy, gelding, but if you want to learn to canter and jump he's your guy. Don't let his size intimidate you: he's a big gentle giant who loves kids! 

**** SOLD ****  Congratulations to Mike H, our newest boarder! 

chestnut mare with white blaze with rider in arena
26 year old chestnut Quarter Horse mare


Stella is our beloved matriarch. She may be old, but someone clearly forgot to tell her! She can still walk, trot, and canter, and is a great teacher! She's spunky, but has left her young and crazy days behind her and is as reliable as the day is long; just don't get between her and food. She loves to be brushed, especially her long thick mane!

Stella is currently half leased.

liver bay reining stock quarter horse with rider
AQHA: “CS Tracy Seminole” - 8 year old brown Quarter Pony g


Affectionately known as "The Dude," for his abiding nature, Stonewall is as solid as can be. He may be small, but he makes up for his stature with a big personality. He doesn't know very many fancy cues under saddle, but he will walk and trot around the arena all day. His gentle nature makes him an amazing horse for beginners, especially those who need a confidence boost.

All sales are final.  Credit Card Purchase subject to Processing Fee.